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How Does the 2018 Federal Budget Affect You and Your Family?

If you sat down at 7:30 endure night to watch the 2018 Federal Account Announcement, you may accept begin yourself a little overwhelmed. With so abounding abstracts and areas of taxation to get your arch around, we accept sat down, dissected and summarised the answers to the catechism you may be allurement – “What’s in it for me (and my family)?”

Personal assets tax

The Treasurer appear affairs for a three-step, seven-year plan:

  • Step One: Effective immediate, low and average assets earners are to account from tax accumulation of up to $530 per being (or $1,060 per couple).
  • Step Two: From 1 July this year, the beginning of the 32.5% tax bracket will admission from $87,000 to $90,000, afresh will afresh admission in July 2022 from $90,000 to $120,000.
  • Step Three: From 2024-25, there will be just two assets tax brackets for humans earning over $41,000 per year: 32.5% for incomes amid $41,001 and $200,000, and 45% for incomes beyond $200,000.
  • The Medicare burden will abide at 2%.

Your superannuation

Have you anytime advised alteration your cool fund, but begin it cost-prohibitive because of top avenue fees? Great account in this years budget- cool funds will anon be banned from charging avenue fees. But you’ll charge to delay until 1 July 2019 to accomplish your move.

Other changes to superannuation include:

The balance-eroding convenance of automatically abacus action allowance to a superannuation policy, no amount what the age of the person, will end. (To date, cool associates beneath the age of 25 pay about $200 actor a year in action allowance fees through superannuation). Those beneath 25 are now appropriate to ‘opt in’ to affairs action insurance.

Companies can no best automatically abstract action allowance awning for all funds area no contributions accept been fabricated for 13 months.

According to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, added than 60% of Australians accept assorted cool funds. So, the ATO will about-face their eye to abeyant cool accounts and absorb them with their owners’ alive funds.

  • Self-managed cool funds (SMSFs) can now accept 6 members, up from 4.
  • SMSFs with a history of acceptable almanac befitting will be adored by abbreviation anniversary audits to 3 annual audits.
  • People over 65 can put up to $300,000 into cool from the gain of affairs their home.
  • First home buyers who accept fabricated cool contributions beneath the First Home Cool Saver Arrangement can admission their money for acceptable acreage purchases.


Young humans active in rural and limited communities will acquisition it easier to get admission to Youth Allowance payments while they are belief abroad from home (eligibility for these payments is based on affectionate income).


The Federal Government will bout allotment with the states and territories to accommodate traineeships and apprenticeships for “high-demand” areas over four years. However, there is one caveat: anniversary of the states and territories bare to assurance up for this to go ahead.

Ageing Australia

There are a amount of changes in this years account to account earlier Australians. They include:

  • $1.6 billion over four years has been set abreast so 14,000 seniors can break in their homes rather than go into a nursing home.
  • $20 actor for brainy bloom nurses to abutment earlier humans still active at home (the Government addendum that men over 85 accept the accomplished accident of suicide of all age groups).
  • $40 actor has been approaching for burning architecture and aliment plan for age-old affliction accessories in bounded and limited areas.
  • $33 actor has been set abreast to abode a abiding curtailment of booze affliction in nursing homes.
  • A one-year absolution from the ‘work test’ will administer to contempo retirees who accept beneath than $300,000 in absolute cool savings.
  • The Pension Loans Arrangement will be accessible to all Australians over Age Pension age and the best payments will admission to 150% of the abounding Age Pension.
  • Pension Plan Bonus increases to $7,800 p.a. from $6,000.
  • Finally, the Government has apprenticed to accomplish the aged-care arrangement easier for families to navigate, simplifying forms and accouterment accordant online educational facilities.

Admission to added affordable medicine: Granted, you will charge to delay years for this, but it’s acceptable to apperceive the government will absorb $302 actor over four years to advance your admission to all-encompassing and beneath big-ticket medicine.

Your bloom

There are affairs to admeasure $130 billion for accessible hospitals over 5 years. The government aswell proposed a able down on accidental analytic tests.

Access to your own data. The government appear the enactment of a “consumer abstracts right”. This will acquiesce you to yield ascendancy of your online claimed abstracts and cautiously allotment it with aboveboard account providers, starting with the banking, action and telecommunications sectors.

Small business

No account would be complete after something for baby businesses. If you run your own business, the accepted answer on spending on acceptable assets of up to $20,000 has been continued to July 2019. Another win: streamlining of GST advertisement which, in turn, will save money – a acceptable change for about 2.7 actor baby businesses.

Craft Beer Brewers. There are about 350 ability brewers in Australia, so affairs are you aren’t one of them. However, a lot of accede the tax changes that put baby ability beer brewers at a disadvantage to be a achievement for accepted sense. Beer awash in kegs beyond than 48 litres accept been burdened at a lower amount than abate kegs, which in aftereffect has favoured ample producers. The change brings the lower tax akin down to beer awash in kegs beyond than the 8-litre size.


While not all of these changes are acceptable to affect you personally, you ability accord them your ‘tick’ of approval:

  • Multinational companies now to be policed and chock-full from alive profits to lower-taxing countries (they do this by loading up bounded operations with debt).
  • Online auberge booking websites based alfresco of Australia will now be burdened at the aforementioned amount as Australian businesses, catastrophe the asperity that currently occurs amid all-embracing and bounded booking providers.
  • Companies that are currently ‘pushing the boundaries’ and demography advantage of the analysis and development tax allurement arrangement will be stopped. This will ensure allotment goes to absolutely avant-garde spending.
  • A $1.3 billion plan to abutment Australia as a ‘global leader’ in medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.
  • The ATO will about-face an eye to the ‘Black Market Economy”, with added audits, ‘mobile bang teams’ and a ‘Black Economy Hotline’ for the accessible to address apprehensive action of businesses attempting to abstain paying tax.

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